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"Fresh Start" candle combo


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Product Description

May this combo bring good fortune as it adorns and blesses the home. The ceramic bowl is hand-made from a special speckled-grey clay and lead-free "tehelet" blue glaze. Along with the twice-fired dishwasher-safe "stoneware" bowl is a locally-made, floating "shoshana" candle, lightly-scented with a "touch of musk." (The candle has a burn-time of about 5-hours and it actually floats.) Also included in the box is a handmade “Hamsa,” a Middle Eastern symbol dating back to prehistoric times. The Hamsa is believed to protect against “the evil eye” and foster happiness and prosperity. The name “Hamsa” is from the Semitic root word for five, in reference to the 5 fingers of this hand-shaped amulet.

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