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"Peaceful Forest" candle combo


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Product Description

We've included some special items in this box because we want the combo and the decorative accents to bring more joy, light and peace to homes all over the world. The ceramic bowl is hand-made from a special white clay and adorned with lead-free “Mediterranean green” glaze. Along with the twice-fired dishwasher-safe "stoneware" bowl is a hand-crafted, lightly-scented “forest fruits” candle, rated with a burn-time of up to 20 hours. Also included in the box are some specially-selected Frankincense nuggets from a “wise man” that earns his living as a spice merchant here in The Land of Israel. Nestled in with everything else is a “dove of peace” keychain ornament, made in Bethlehem using local olive wood from sustainable sources. Quantities are running out.

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