The story of Earth Wax and Fire...

We're a family

The picture shown above is one of our favorite photos of us, shot on the Mediterranean coast of Israel in 2008. It’s about this time that the roots of Earth Wax and Fire were born.   

After many years of working long hours in high-tech, we were craving a change. We wanted more time with our girl and boy (then 5 and 3) and we wanted to live lives more in-tune with our hearts and souls.   

So, we leaped out into the unknown to try something new. Vered pursued ceramics and volunteer work. Dan did marketing writing for startup clients and started some ventures of his own.   

We spent more time walking on the beach, collecting sea glass, and dealing with life’s challenges. Together, we created Earth Wax and Fire featuring locally-sourced candles and Vered’s ceramic creations.   

One of the things we’re trying to do as a family is build Earth Wax and Fire into a force for good. In additional to supporting local businesses, we run special fund-raising promotions for worthy causes, including the TS Alliance, the West High School Dance Marathon, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the American Diabetes Association, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. We’d like to do more, so please contact us with your suggestions.

Featuring VIBceramics creations, and more...

Each our candle combos features an original, individually signed piece from Vered Israel-Bloom of VIBceramics.

Vered originally started ceramics as a hobby and quickly grew to love working with clay. Very soon, the once-a-week class wasn't enough and she started to create at home, too. Working in the studio became a daily thing and people encouraged her to create VIBceramics.

Through VIBceramics, Vered designs and creates handmade ceramics to celebrate the beauty of nature, which is the source of her inspiration. Her designs and the colors she uses are very much influenced by the natural world around us.

Her designs, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, butterflies, flowers, and nature in general have been sold internationally.  

Through her work, she hopes to bring more happiness to people all over the world. Earth Wax and Fire allows us to combine VIBceramics creations with other special products from local craftspeople. Local artisans here in Israel have been creating some of the most wonderful candles for generations, and it was only natural to combine them with Vered’s bowls. We also include decorative elements from other artisans, which help to add more local flavor.

Working to bring more beauty into homes, hearts and souls...

Each month, we create a new candle combo that matches the season, holidays, and other special events. 

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